FACT: Most people can be completely out of debt

(mortgage included) within 3-5 years.


What you’re likely thinking is, “yeah, if they’re making an outrageous income or they’re living on rice and beans!” 

The reality is that people of even modest incomes, if consistently using the system you’re about to learn, can ERADICATE ALL OF THEIR DEBT in years, not decades. And it doesn’t require massive cutbacks on your lifestyle -- you can continue doing the things you’ve been doing and not feel limited or constrained. 

The Secret Lies in Your Income and How You Use It

Our income is the most powerful thing we have to build wealth over time. The challenge for most people is their income is not being used efficiently at all. They purchase liabilities and use compound debt vehicles to do so. After several years of this behavior, they’ve paymented themselves into a corner, and can’t make much headway on their debts because their income has been spent before even getting paid. The banker collects huge amounts of interest, while consumers struggle under the weight of mounting debt. 

You see, your income should do four things:

  1. Pay Expenses
  2. Eliminate Debt
  3. Build Wealth
  4. Do Good/Have Fun

Most people are really good at two of these: paying expenses and having fun! Somehow, they never get around to eliminating debt and building wealth. Yet those two to-do’s are the most important on the list!

But I'm Doing Everything "the Experts" Tell Me To Do

Consider this -- if you’re someone who’s bought into the “conventional wisdom” about savings and investing, told to us by nearly every “expert” out there, then you likely:

  • Have multiple savings accounts for all of the things that you’ll be spending money on. (Vacations, car repairs, college, miscellaneous expenses)
  • Have a growing “emergency fund” of somewhere between 3-6 months worth of expenses
  • Are dollar-cost averaging your investments, putting a little every month into investments and letting them grow over time
  • Are adding $100 to every mortgage payment to make an extra payment a year and knock 7 years off your mortgage
  • Have cut out some of the unnecessary expenses just to be able to knock out debt faster
  • Are worried that you still may not have enough to retire comfortably one day


You see the problem with following conventional advice, is you’re likely going to wind up being like most people who do -- struggling to put enough away for retirement, never getting far enough ahead, worrying about what the market will do and if you’ll have enough money later in life. 

Yes, you’ll have emergency funds and specialized savings accounts. All good and reasonable. You’ll also have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest unnecessarily. It’s those hundreds of thousands of dollars that can help create real wealth for you, your family, and future generations. 

By the way… There IS A WAY to have funds accessible for all of those things ALL THE WHILE you’re blasting away debts and building wealth. 

It’s a “secret” that happens to be right out in the open but very few people leverage this vehicle because no one has shown them how. 

The secret vehicle is a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) that can be obtained from your local bank or credit union. It’s a debt instrument that is tied to the equity of your home, but unlike a mortgage that is a long-term compound interest vehicle, your HELOC is a short-term, simple interest vehicle. While that difference may seem insignificant, those who understand how to leverage one to impact the other build massive wealth, freedom and flexibility into their lives in under a decade. 

Most people that have experience with HELOCs have used them to do home repairs, maybe taken a vacation or paid for college. The problem is they treat it like just another loan with one more loan payment attached to it.

When you use the HELOC effectively, it functions just like your checking account does. Money is deposited in the HELOC when you’re paid, and bills are paid out of the HELOC when they’re due. However, because a HELOC can never go above zero (meaning it can’t have a positive balance), if your income is greater than the balance, it HAS to go somewhere else… in this case, towards paying off compound interest debts… LIKE YOUR MORTGAGE.

In the process of knocking out debts in short order, you begin doing a number of things:

  1. You free up more discretionary income each month because you no longer have payments due on certain debts. 
  2. Your income grows more and more efficient with every payment you make. In essence, you OWN more of your income. 
  3. As you decrease your mortgage balance, the amount of equity you have grows month after month, as does the amount available on your HELOC.
  4. With every advanced lump sum payment you make to the mortgage, you eliminate massive amounts of interest that would otherwise have been paid freeing this money to actually build real wealth!


Fortunately, there’s a way to modify your behavior AND insure that the payments are all being made exactly as they should be. It’s a software program called Shred My Mortgage that alerts you when income is coming in, when payments go out, and what to do specifically with whatever is left. 

The key here is the specificity of the payments and how the system calculates what to do with any extra discretionary funds. It’s based on some very complex algorithms that genius level coders and mathematicians devised to make sure that you are paying the least amount of interest on all fronts.

The software allows you to enter in all of your data including income and detailed expenses. You plug in payment amounts, balances, grace periods, interest rates on all of your debts. And based on all of that information, the system kicks back how long it will take you to blast away all of your debt. It also tells you how much you’ll save by doing so, and what that savings could grow to over your lifetime. 

The difference between what you will accumulate using Shred versus the conventional route is typically a 7, and sometimes 8 figure difference.

It’s a stupid simple decision.

You’re Steps Away From Getting Started…

There are two keys to getting started immediately with Shred My Mortgage. First, you’ll need to setup a HELOC with your lender (if you don’t already have one).

Second, you’ll likely have questions that need to be answered.  To that end, we’ve built a comprehensive course that teaches you every facet of The Shred Method™ and how to use Shred My Mortgage.

So, here’s the biggest question to answer:


If yes, click either of the links below and let’s get you started.


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