WHY you MUST have a HELOC on your home...

A Home Equity Line of Credit is not just another loan — it CAN be that for those who don't understand the power of it. But for those "in the know", a HELOC can be the most powerful wealth building tool hiding in plain sight.

A HELOC is one of the core elements of The Shred Method and you're one step closer to understanding how to go about getting yours set up.

On the free download, you'll learn:

  • Where to go for a HELOC and specifically what to say and what not to say

  • How to choose a HELOC that fits your particular situation

  • Why interest rates generally don't matter (but what to expect anyway)

  • How cash flows through your system using the HELOC

  • The absolute best time to start using your HELOC

  • What to do next!

Make sure you have the right product by following this guide!

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